In our quest to challenge the cybersecurity status quo, we develop high-assurance solutions  that meet a specific need or add value to our MSS, Advisory, Technology offerings. Our solutions are focused on making complex IT environments more efficient, supporting business growth, digital transformation, and strengthening security posture. Flagship innovation includes Secure Blueprint SaaS (Cyber Business Management Platform), and security solutions enabling cloud, and blockchain, and IoT.
We have a strong DevOps culture and dedicated teams of engineers, researchers, subject-matter experts and analysts who work on resolving tough client problems.

Secure Blueprint - Cyber Business Management

Secure Blueprint is a unique solution that automates cyber program metrics. Based on industry frameworks such as NIST, Secure Blueprint revolutionizes the way CISOs plan, manage, refine, and report on their cyber programs. The proprietary algorithm calculates metrics for program risk, maturity and investments and depicts information in a series of executive-ready dashboards. Secure Blueprint enables:
- Program alignment with business objectives
- Program prioritization and continual improvement
- Impact and risk measurement
- Effective communication with board (through executive dashboards)

Blockchain Security

Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technology have the potential to disrupt business across eery sector and industry, driving huge efficiencies and transforming the way we work and interaction and record and verify this activity.
Kudelski Security enables enterprises to easily build security and encryption into their blockchain solutions at design stage and drive greater value from their blockchain-enabled technologies.
- Security Audit, Assessment and Validation 
- Security Architecture Review
- Security Design & Implementation
- Security Training
Enterprises seeking superior business agility can leverage our proprietary solutions to apply blockchain technology to business in a way that is simple, straightforward and secure.
- Digital Sandboxing solution
- Trust Platform solution

Cloud Security

Cloud services help businesses save money, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate business growth. But with the rapid move toward multi and hybrid cloud environments, security often struggles to keep up. The emergence of Shadow IT and the dynamic nature of cloud creates visibility challenges for existing cyber security technologies, increasing the likelihood that sensitive information and workloads may be exposed or compromised. 
From managed security for  cloud and hybrid environments to cloud management and optimization, Kudelski Security provides a comprehensive suite of solutions and services. We enable you to address your most pressing cloud security and management needs, integrated with your DevOps processes. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we can help you define, build, manage, and optimize a cloud security program that will enable you to safely harness the operational benefits of cloud technology.
Services include:
- Cloud Security Strategy
- Cloud Security Architecture Design
- Cloud Application Security
- Cloud Management & Optimization
- Native Cloud Monitoring - Managed Security for cloud and hybrid environments

IoT Security

IoT devices help businesses operate more efficiently, improve decision making, and enhance user experience. But as uptake increases, IoT security is often an afterthought. This restricts business transformation and creates insecure IoT architecture that’s vulnerable to compromise. By building in security from the start, you can unlock the business potential of IoT while ensuring the ongoing safety, privacy, and compliance of your connected devices and data.
The Kudelski Group has protected digital content in the pay TV industry for over 30 years across more than 400 million devices. Our teams of cyber analysts and architects help enterprise clients understand the risks associated with devices used in their environments, and strategies to mitigate any potential threats. Further, our battle-hardened team has developed cutting edge IoT security hardware, software and management solutions that aren’t available anywhere else.