Cloud Security

As organizations move increasingly toward multi and hybrid cloud environments, cloud security has become a top priority for business leaders. However, many organizations lack the in-house expertise to assess cloud security risks, or define a cloud security strategy that can keep pace with the rapid rate of change. At the same time,  traditional cyber security solutions can easily lose visibility of sensitive information as it is migrated to new cloud environments and applications. Kudelski Security provides a suite of cloud security solutions and services to help protect your organization’s cloud architecture no matter where you are in your cloud journey. We’ve worked with SMEs and global organizations across the public and private sectors define, build,  manage, and optimize cloud security programs that help them manage cyber risks, improve visibility, and safely harness the operational benefits of cloud technology.

Cloud Security Services

Security leaders face a host of challenges in securing their organization’s journey to the cloud and keeping ahead of cloud security risks. From lack of in-house cloud security expertise to the pervasive threat of shadow IT, keeping pace with business change can seem an impossible task. Our experts provide a comprehensive range of services to help you assess, design, and build secure cloud environments that support your business objectives. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we can help you: 

  • Identify and address flaws in your existing multi or hybrid cloud environment. Our cloud security assessment services cover cloud and hybrid infrastructure as well as application security.
  • Develop a cloud security architecture that integrates seamlessly with your hybrid and multi cloud environments.
  • Develop a roadmap to help you bridge the gap between where you are today and where you need to be.

Cloud Security Technologies and Implementation

Kudelski Security partners with leading technology providers to address the specific cloud security needs of our customers. Using our reference architecture approach and the NIST cybersecurity framework, our experts identify areas of risk in your cloud architecture, and recommend and procure the appropriate technologies and public cloud services to address that risk. We can also provide you high-assurance data protection for cloud and hybrid environments through our Managed Enclave solution. Our recommendations are based on our extensive real-world experience deploying, integrating, and managing cloud security technologies for public and private sector organizations across the US and Europe.

Managed Cloud Security Services

Cloud technology is dissolving the traditional network perimeter, and expanding your organization’s attack surface. In the process, existing security challenges are exacerbated, including the shortage of talent, high volume of alerts, and cost of maintaining best-of-breed people, processes, and technology.
Kudelski Security provides 24/7/365 cloud managed security services (MSS Cloud) to protect your organization’s data and assets no matter where they reside. Our cloud security experts have access to cutting edge security technologies and processes, and use proactive threat hunting techniques to detect and contain threats in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Cloud Management & Optimization

The Kudelski Group has a long history of investing in R&D, and we’ve harnessed this to develop cyber security solutions that address the complex enterprise challenges posed by cloud technology and a growing cloud ecosystem. Our solutions embrace a global approach to cloud, going beyond the security aspects to include management and cost optimization of all components of your program.  strengthening the security posture of modern organizations, and helping security operations teams develop faster, more efficient, and more scalable cloud security services. 
Our flagship solutions include:
  • Cloud Security Automation and Orchestration 
  • Security Operations and Infrastructure Optimization
  • The comprehensive package - from strategy, design, procurement to management

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