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WHITE NOISE is a Swiss, innovative answer to the security and privacy challenges raised by the rapid growth of mobile in the workplace – from SoHo to large corporate and public institutions. The secure communications solution, developed and operated as a service from Switzerland, provides custom hardware (in-chip) encryption for voice calls and instant messaging.  
Kudelski Security engineers drew on the company’s 20 years of experience in using hardware and software to secure over 400 million at-risk devices in the PayTV sector, in order to develop WHITE NOISE
WHITE NOISE is an end-to-end secure communications solution that is also multi-platform, working across iPhone, Android and computer devices. The technology is also available as a secure Bluetooth headset, a best-in-class security product that has been designed and developed in partnership with a leading European electronics company. WHITE NOISE is truly innovative, reintroducing the element of trust and privacy into modern communications, which rely on heterogeneous and untrusted networks.
  • Secure voice and instant messaging with strong in-chip encryption that combines industry-standard and in-house cryptography
  • Cross-platform availability: iPhone, Android, PC, and our unique secure Bluetooth headset
  • Full control of the security chain &  sovereignty of the keys by the clients
  • Easy deployment via Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and easy setup, 
  • Easy to use & intuitive application
  • Flexible deployment: available as a service or on-premises
  • Fully scalable in order to bring security to every employee
  • Designed and hosted in Switzerland; backdoor free 

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