Information Security has evolved into a significant business risk, capturing the attention of senior leaders in organizations of every size and industry. Security leaders are under increasing pressure to report on cyber risks, stay ahead of a dynamic threat environment and drive the strategic direction of the cyber program.

Our security consultants support CISOs in every aspect of their mission, leveraging Kudelski Security’s unique approach to cybersecurity strategy to deliver trusted support. Secure Blueprint empowers CISOs with the tools they need to develop, manage and report on cybersecurity programs that are end-to-end, business aligned, built on smart investment priorities and adaptable to evolving risks and priorities.

Strategy and Governance

Creating the overarching framework for a cybersecurity program is a complex process. Our cyber advisors are experienced at guiding clients in strategy and governance. Combining industry vertical perspectives, cybersecurity knowledge, and business acumen, our experts provide clear, actionable advice that helps set strategic direction, define metrics, optimize compliance efforts, and support an agile governance structure.

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Management

Enterprises need sound threat, vulnerability and risk management built on reliable security intelligence to stay ahead in a dynamic risk environment. Our cyber risk advisors draw on their deep experience to develop or review existing vendor risk, risk management, or vulnerability management programs for our clients. Our advanced penetration and software assurance teams execute technical-based engagements to help organization’s identify associated risks in infrastructure, mobile, applications, or IoT. Building robust vulnerability management and testing programs enable better risk visibility, allowing security leaders to strike a better balance between risk mitigation and business enablement.

Incident Response and Cyber Resilience

Organizations need a high level of readiness in order to minimize the impact of a breach. Our incident management and response services help organizations to effectively identify, contain and mitigate breaches by providing a combination of incident preparedness activities, training workshops and emergency-based breach support. Knowing the stakes are high, our experts work tirelessly to support our clients before, during, and after breaches occur.

Security Training & Education

We offer comprehensive training and education programs that expand security knowledge. We cover a range of issues of varying degrees of complexity and depth, from security awareness, open source intelligence to ISO certification and CISSP and CISM certification exam preparation.


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