Cyber Emergency Response Team

The faster an incident is remediated, the less chance there is that valuable data is lost. Our experienced cyber emergency response team provides guidance throughout the incident response lifecycle. Find out more about our Cyber Emergency Response Team.

For Effective Incident Response. Trust Us.

When the worst happens, specialized knowledge is needed quickly to stop a sophisticated attack. However, very few enterprises have the skills on staff to respond effectively and take the best remedial action. From the initial discovery of a breach, to the delivery of expert testimony and the process of developing mitigation plans to prevent reoccurrence, our Managed Security Services experts can help with legal, forensics, technology and remediation support. Our highly skilled team is always on standby, enhancing your emergency preparedness and ready to keep your business on track.

The People Behind Your Protection

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    Access to a Team

    Your retained team has recognized Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) competencies, ensuring your services meet the standards associated with Carnegie Mellon University.

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    Law Enforcement Relationships

    Our connections with law enforcement and premier law firms increase the likelihood of attribution and help prevent further attacks by notifying other industry targets.

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    Industry Relationships

    Relationships with key forensic and response vendors provide us with the context and tools to attribute attacks and block the attackers’ next steps.

Speed is a Strategy

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    Know Your Attackers

    Proper attribution is critical to the prediction and prevention of future attacks.

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    Contain Threats Faster

    Your access to senior-level experts with experience of your industry ensures fast and effective mitigation.

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    On-Call Expertise

    Attracting and retaining specialists with deep experience is not only difficult, it’s costly. Your access to our emergency response team minimizes these burdens.

Kudelski Security Recognized as Major Player in Latest IDC MarketScape

Read the IDC MarketScape to understand why – less than three years after our MSS launch – we are named a Major Player for our vision and capabilities.

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